About us

Our Mission

Our program is committed to providing opportunities for youth to learn the sport of soccer, improve their soccer skills, practice good sportsmanship, and most importantly, have fun!

Our Philosophy

(Rules of Conduct for Coaches & Parents)
• Exhibit exemplary conduct at both practices and games.
• Parents and players should recognize that coaches are volunteers
giving of their time and should be treated with respect and
• Coach clean, skillful, honest, and sportsmanlike soccer.
• Stress playing hard to win over winning itself.
• Treat the referee with respect, no matter what the call.
• Maximize praise and minimize criticism.

• Help the referee keep order on the sidelines during games.
• Keep a 3-foot swath clear outside of sidelines.
• Parents should minimize coaching from the sidelines during games.
• Every player must be in each half of the game.
• All players must play three periods before anyone can play four
The CCYSA grounds are a great resource to us all. Please
clean up after yourself and encourage your players to do so as

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Please follow us on our FACEBOOK Page for updates.  "LIKE" our page! If the fields are too wet after a storm, we will post a message on our page to let you know that we need to cancel.  We do not reschedule games/pactices.
Rainy conditions: We play during the rain, and with that, at the discretion of coaches of the game.

Signs of lightning: WE GET OFF THE FIELD IMMEDIATELY. The CCYSA board members convene and report to the coaches as to whether we cancel or wait it out.


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